• Food Menu

  • Chips & Salsa  | $5.99
    Warm Chips and house made salsa. 

    Bar Cheese  |  $5.99
    Sharp Cheddar and Cream Cheese.  Served with assorted crackers.

    Handmade Potato Skins  |  $9.99
    Idaho russet potatoes, oven baked and hand scooped, fried to order and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, chopped bacon pieces and fresh scallions.  Baked and served with home-made Ranch or Sour Cream.

    The Woodpile | $8.99
    House-smoked pork shoulder hand pulled over a bed of fries with cheddar cheese and pepperoncini peppers.  Served with a side of zesty BBQ sauce and onions. 

    Asian Ginger Fritters  |   $8.99
    6 chicken fritters flash fried and tossed with Asian Ginger glaze, toasted sesame seeds and crisp won ton strips. 

    Bavarian Soft Pretzels  |  $5.49
    Soft pretzel sticks rolled in grated Parmesan and garlic herb seasonings and served with Pike 51 beer cheese.



  • Four Cheese Toasted Ravioli  |  $8.99
    Mozzarella, Ricotta, Asiago and Parmesan filled pasta, lightly breaded and fried.  Served with tomato-basil cream sauce. 

    Italian French Dip  |  $9.99
    Shaved roast beef, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini peppers on a baguette with au jus and seasoned fries.

    Italian Spring Rolls  |  $8.99
    Filled with capicola, salami, pepperoncini and fontina cheese, served with basil-plum sauce. 

    Rosemary Chicken Sandwich  |  $9.99
    Marinated chicken breast, pan seared and served on a housemade Pietro’s knot roll.  Red pepper mayonnaise, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato.  Served with seasoned fries. 

    Turkey BLT Platter | $8.99
    Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Red Pepper Mayonnaise on a Flour Tortilla.  Served with seasoned fries and coleslaw. 

    Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich  |  $9.99
    Chef rubbed pork shoulder house-smoked over apple wood.  Shredded and served on a Pietro’s knot roll with zesty BBQ sauce.  Served with housemade coleslaw and seasoned fries.

  • Every Friday

    Premium Lake Perch  |  $13.95
    Sweet, Tender Yellow Lake Perch Fillets lightly battered then flash fried.  Served with house-made Tarter Sauce, Coleslaw, seasoned fries and a Pietro’s dinner Knot.

    Every Saturday

    Rosemary Chicken Salad | $8.99
    Marinated Chicken, pan seared and served over Romaine Lettuce, Bavarian Croutons, Tomatoes, some Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese.  Served with your choice of 1000 Island or Ranch.


  • Food Menu Available

    Monday – Thursday | 4pm – 10pm
    Friday| 3pm - 11pm
    Saturday |12pm - 11pm
    Sunday | 12pm - 7pm